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Expert U.S. Visa Interview Preparation

Consult a Former U.S. Consular Officer. Avoid Visa Rejection.

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Expert Visa Interview Guidance from Former U.S. Consular Officers

With over 73 years of collective U.S. government experience and having adjudicated over 200,000 visas, our team has extensive expertise in all visa types and has served in posts worldwide. We guarantee excellence in visa preparation guidance or your money back.

Our former consular officers and U.S. diplomats, with their unique insights and extensive experience in the visa interview process, offer mock visa interviews and tailored preparation sessions. This not only helps you effectively communicate with consular officers but also identifies areas for improvement in your profile, giving you the confidence and reassurance you need for a successful visa interview.

In our personalized sessions, we take the time to understand your unique situation, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and provide the confidence necessary to make a compelling case to the consular officer. Drawing on our experience, we can increase your chances of success at the visa window.

During our 30, 45 or 60-minute video sessions, we clarify the visa interview process, answer your queries, review the DS-160 form, and offer customised suggestions. Our expertise spans non-immigrant and immigrant visas, including B1/B2, O1, F1, J1, L1, and H1-B visas. We have successfully assisted clients from various backgrounds worldwide in navigating their visa interviews, even those with complex cases and prior refusals.

We invite you to schedule a session if you seek guidance to optimise your visa application’s potential. Together, we can work towards maximising your chances of success.

Yvette Bansal

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One-on-One Session with Former Consular Officer Yvette Bansal


Tailored Guidance on Required Documents for Your Visa Class


Get Answers to All Your Case, Profile, Documentation, or Application Questions


Thorough Review and Feedback on Your DS-160 Form


Assessment of Your Profile and Chances of Visa Approval


Insightful Analysis of Previous Denials and Strategies for Improvement


Identification and Addressing of Weak Points in Your Application or Profile


Expert Guidance on Visa Interview Strategy, Tips, and Mock Interview Practice


Join ex-visa officer Yvette Bansal for a 2 hours F1 visa interview preparation webinar!

Get help preparing your answers for the visa officer. Ask your F1 visa questions to an expert who has adjudicated over 40,000 visas!


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Venu Vegesana
Venu Vegesana
Amazing session as we had unique situation with my daughter going for F1 interview and both parents live in US from 9 years. Thanks Yuvette for providing valuable suggestions to present my daughter and it really helped her to get visa with more confidence
Kruthi Siri
Kruthi Siri
Firstly, i would like to convey my wholehearted thanks to Yvette mam. The presentation of mam has given me a detailed idea of what visa process is and the session with mam has helped me immensely and gave me the confidence to face the Visa officer and get through the interview. Meeting mam was one of the best decisions of my USA journey. I would totally recommend to get a session at the earliest with Yvette mam to anyone who are looking for the visa interview guidance.
Tapodhir Baidya
Tapodhir Baidya
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional support I received during my F-1 visa application process. In particular, I would like to thank Eric for his invaluable insights and guidance. His expertise helped me focus on the most relevant aspects of my application, strengthening my case significantly. Additionally, the mock interview session with Eric proved to be immensely helpful, boosting my confidence and ensuring a smooth interview process. My F-1 visa has been approved and I am really excited about it. I would also like to acknowledge Udeti's role in facilitating a seamless experience.
Morteza Ehsani
Morteza Ehsani
Had a great consultation session with Ms. Bansel! She helped me correct the mistakes I made on my DS-160 and gave me eye-opening insights on how I should prepare for the interview. I got my visa last week :)
Cecilia Diaz
Cecilia Diaz
Yvette has helped me to get my F1 visa issued. My case was very particular and I can confidently say that no other person could have prepare me for my interview better than she did. Even if you are elegible for a visa, the anxiousness and nervousness can win you over, therefore I believe that no matter what your circumstances are is better go to prepare, and who better to assist you than Yvette.
Amna Yousaf
Amna Yousaf
Applicants invest significant effort into their university applications, navigating standardized tests, crafting personal statements, and preparing for admissions interviews. The elation of acceptance into one's top-choice school is unmatched. Yet, a crucial hurdle remains: the F1 visa application and interview process, essential for commencing academic pursuits in the USA. Despite securing a scholarship to a reputable university, the prospect of navigating this process alone seemed daunting. That's when I connected with Yvette. Her personalized guidance not only bolstered my confidence but also instilled the belief that success was attainable. Yvette's dedication and expertise set her apart. Unlike other consultants, her responsiveness and thoroughness in addressing queries were unparalleled, ensuring a seamless experience throughout the application process. I wholeheartedly recommend Yvette's consultancy services. Entrusting one's visa approval to chance when pursuing studies in the US is unwise. Yvette's wealth of knowledge, experience, and unwavering support are invaluable assets for any applicant's journey.
Victor Prast
Victor Prast
The discussion with Yvette is very insightful. She's helping me to understand what visa's officer is looking for during the interview. Additionaly, her positivity during the session is very inspirational. I would suggest anyone to have a session with udeti visa if you have any concerns regarding your application for any reason.
Sagar Khadka
Sagar Khadka
It is worth a shot because I was really worried about my low GPA and my english fluency . So, I decided to get some help and scheduled a one-hour consultation with Yuvett Mam. She carefully looked over all my documents, even my DS 160 ,transcript, and helped me make my own answers strong. With her help, I managed to get my visa approved on my first try and was able to impress visa officer with my first answer, even though many candidates with higher grades( I guess straight 9 rejection before me) had been rejected before me.
Swarnim Developer
Swarnim Developer
Thank you so much, Udeti Visa Team. I got my F1 visa approved today, 14th May. With Yvette's guidance and support, I got to know what actually happens behind the visa window in making a decision. I got rejected once in Feb 2024 for 214b, but this time, with enough practice and guidance, I was able to overcome my previous rejection and get my visa approved.😀 Once Again my Sincere Thanks ! One can definitely have a consultation with them 😇 without a doubt. It will definitely be worth it.
Yahia ElShabasy
Yahia ElShabasy
Yvette is very professional yet friendly. She is really good at assessing your situation and suggesting the best approach. I got my F1 visa approved, and it was smooth, all thanks to the mock interviews with Yvette that made me confident throughout the visa interview. I would strongly recommend having a consultation with Yvette; it is indeed worth it.


FAQ: Visa Interview Preparation and Credentials Verification

Yes, it’s highly recommended to prepare if you have any doubts about your profile or chances of approval. Rejection rates for B1/B2 U.S. visas can reach up to 40% in certain countries, and one out of every three F1 visa applicants may face rejection. We’ll meticulously review your DS-160/DS-260 forms, offer feedback, address your concerns, and guide you in presenting your story effectively to the consular officer.
Moreover, unprepared applicants may face delays, even if they meet the qualifications. Administrative processing under 221G can pose significant challenges, particularly for those applying for H1-B, L-1, K, or immigrant visas. Our expertise lies in handling these visa categories, and we can assist you in thorough preparation, ensuring you understand the required documents and information sought by the visa officer, thus increasing your chances of swift approval.

Feel free to verify my credentials by checking my LinkedIn page, where you’ll find endorsements from my past colleagues at the State Department. Additionally, I’ve been interviewed about my diplomatic tenure on prominent media outlets; you can find one of those interviews here. I also co-authored an article published in the Times of India in which my credentials were provided, and that article can be found here.

During our video consultation, I’ll be happy to display my diplomatic passport and share State Department awards upon request.  I also have a Google business listing with five-star reviews. You may also email me at [email protected] if you have any doubts.

Yvette Bansal has adjudicated a broad spectrum of non-immigrant (A1, K1, B1/B2, B1 domestic worker, F1/F2, H1B/H4, J1/J2, L1/L2, O1, T/U visa) and immigrant visas (family and employment-based).

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