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At Udeti, we provide various partner programs to assist you in better preparing your patrons for a U.S. visa interview. We can also train your staff to detect fraud cases in visa applications. So explore our partner programs, pick the one that’s suitable for you, and let’s work together to help people get their U.S. visas!

Advantages for Employers

Are your foreign employees frequently getting rejected in their visa interviews?
Being rejected at a visa interview is a common problem for foreign workers trying to enter the U.S. on H1B and L1 visas. The reason is most often uncertainty and confusion regarding the interview process. So don’t lose out on foreign talent due to consular interview issues; utilize our professional services now!

Advantages for Educational Institutes

Are you a school, study abroad institution, or a university looking for help getting international students in the U.S.?

Students often get rejected in their visa interviews because they are not prepared. At Udeti, we offer customized partnership programs to colleges, study abroad institutions, and universities to assist students in their F1, J1, and M1 visa interviews. Furthermore, since we recognize the importance of global education, we provide our services at discounted rates to educational institutes and their students. So don’t miss out on potential tuition fees and utilize our services now!

Advantages for Lawyers & Law Firms

Are you a lawyer looking to assist your clients with their visa interviews?

At Udeti, we recognize that clients having difficulties in their visa interviews can harm your reputation, even when you have diligently done your work. Therefore, we offer partnership programs to immigration attorneys and firms to provide their clients with non-legal advice for the consular interview process. We also offer consulting services for other issues you may be facing and training workshops for staff members. So let us know your requirements and utilize our customized plans now!

Affiliate Partner Program

Do you work as a travel influencer, have a blog for international students, or are you in a visa consultancy business?

Earn money by recommending your supporters and patrons to Udeti. We believe in long-term partnerships and provide customized options for various groups and people to collaborate with us. By joining our affiliate program, you will get the opportunity to earn a commission on successful referrals you make. Plus, you will be helping your customers prepare for their visa interviews by referring them to a trusted service run by former U.S. consular officers.

Immigration Tech Firms and Other Consultancies

We know the immigration tech space is growing, and the products and services in this space are increasing exponentially. So if you feel connecting with former visa officers would benefit your clients, please reach out to us.

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