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Choosing to prepare for your visa interview with a former consular officer is a strategic move that can significantly improve your chances of visa success. Our team of former consular officers bring extensive backgroundexperience and relevant experience, having adjudicated hundreds of thousands of U.S. visas. With their insider knowledge of the visa process, you can expect an effective one-on-one video consultation where your case will be reviewed, and a tailored strategy will be developed to maximise your approval odds.

Few companies offer the unique opportunity to have your case evaluated and to connect directly with a former U.S. consular officer (diplomat)! Let our experience be your guide to ace your visa interview. 

The depth of your preparation will depend on the service package you choose. 

Continue reading to find out how to select the session that best suits your needs!


60 Minutes If you love to be thoroughly prepared, have numerous questions, or have a complex situation, this is the session for you! The 60-minute session offers:

  • 3+ practice interviews 
  • Detailed feedback to highlight strengths and address weaknesses of the applicant profile
  • Strategic approaches and responses for common interview questions 
  • In-depth review of your visa application (DS-160)
  • Clarification of doubts and answers to questions

This session is ideal for complex cases with multiple considerations, such as having family in the U.S., but many first-time applicants also select it to be extra prepared. 

Special bonuses include a recording of your session and the ability to email your former consular officer up to 4 questions after the session. 

45 Minutes This session provides enough time for 1-2 mock interviews and answers to your questions. It is suitable for first-time applicants and those with prior refusals. The former consular officer will also have time to review and give feedback on your DS-160.

30 Minutes A 30-minute session covers a lot but goes by quickly! You’ll get at least one mock interview to practice your answers. However, if you have many questions about your case, practice time might be limited. We will review your DS-160 and highlight any red flags, though we won’t have time for a thorough examination. This session is best for straightforward cases with just a few questions.

10 Minutes Designed to answer any quick visa interview-related questions you may have. Does not include a document review. 

We aim to make you happy. If you are unhappy at the end of your consultation, we will ensure we get it right or refund you.

Advanced Session:


Duration: 1 hour

What to Expect:

Standard Session:


Duration: 45 minutes

What to Expect:

Basic Session:


Duration: 30 minutes

What to Expect:

This service is designed for straightforward inquiries and one mock interview. If you have a complex case or want more practice time, please select the 45 or 60-minute sessions!

Quick Question:


The amount credited if a 30, 45 or 60-minute consultation is booked

Duration: 10 minutes

What to Expect:

This service is designed for brief inquiries and is not a substitute for a consultation. Document review is not included

FAQ: Visa Interview Preparation and Credentials Verification

Yes, it’s highly recommended to prepare if you have any doubts about your profile or chances of approval. Rejection rates for B1/B2 U.S. visas can reach up to 40% in certain countries, and one out of every three F1 visa applicants may face rejection. We’ll meticulously review your DS-160/DS-260 forms, offer feedback, address your concerns, and guide you in presenting your story effectively to the consular officer.
Moreover, unprepared applicants may face delays, even if they meet the qualifications. Administrative processing under 221G can pose significant challenges, particularly for those applying for H1-B, L-1, K, or immigrant visas. Our expertise lies in handling these visa categories, and we can assist you in thorough preparation, ensuring you understand the required documents and information sought by the visa officer, thus increasing your chances of swift approval.

During our video consultation (upon request), we are happy to provide State Department credentials through awards or pictures. By speaking with us, you will find that we are highly knowledgeable and qualified due to our years of experience in consular affairs. We also have a Google business listing with five-star reviews. For any further inquiries, feel free to email us at [email protected].

Our former consular officers have adjudicated a broad spectrum of non-immigrant and immigrant visas, including family—and employment-based categories. You will always be matched with a former consular officer who has extensive experience in your visa classification.

If possible, we will match you with a former consular officer who speaks your language. Alternatively, you can bring a family member to the interview to interpret for you. Please email us at [email protected] to let us know your situation.

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