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Review: F1 Visa Seminar by Saurya Valmiki

Yvette Bansal, founder of Udeti LLC and a former visa officer, along with Kausar Shaikh, our content strategist, had the privilege of attending Valmiki Group’s recent seminar on the F1 Visa in Hyderabad, India, held in May 2023. As a distinguished speaker at the event, Yvette brought her unparalleled expertise and insights on the F1 Visa interview process to the audience. Organized by Valmiki Group, the seminar delved into a wide range of crucial topics relating to the high-stakes F1 Visa Interview.

During the seminar, several important topics were discussed, including effective communication of one’s motivation to study in the United States, strategies for addressing concerns regarding low grades, prior refusals, or gaps, and the significance of following the best and most ethical procedures throughout the visa process. 

Expressing his thoughts on the event, Surya Ganesh Valmiki, the Chairman & Managing Director of Valmiki Group, commented, “It was truly insightful to meet Ms. Yvette Bansal, and we are thrilled to collaborate with her to bring even more value to the student-parent community.”

The seminar was a resounding success, providing both students and parents with valuable insights into the F1 Visa process, sharing information about the U.S. education system, and inspiring students to believe in themselves. Yvette’s primary achievement during the event was empowering attendees with factual knowledge and instilling confidence in their pursuit of education in the United States.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Valmiki Group for their incredible hospitality and for making our stay truly unforgettable. The enriching experiences and meaningful connections we made during this trip are greatly appreciated. We would also like to thank Valmiki Group for their collaborative efforts in organizing this event. We look forward to more successful seminars in the future.

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